Mina Yamazaki began her karate training at a very early age with her father, Sensei Kiyoshi Yamazaki, one of the most highly regarded karate teachers in world today. Her training also includes extensive time spent in Japan, where she was appointed by second generation Soke Konishi as one of the qualified instructors to teach the original Shindo Jinen Ryu katas.

Sensei Mina Yamazaki graduated in 2008 from the San Francisco State University (SFSU) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio and Television. While at SFSU, she served as the Communications Director of KSFS (SFSU Radio Station). She worked extensively in the media/communications industry until athletics became her full-time focus.

Sensei Mina Yamazaki has conducted JKR seminars in North America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Australia. She competed at the highest levels and placed first and second at the USA national championships repeatedly. Her accomplishments include:

  • US National Team Member (2008-2018) – Kata, Kumite, Team Kata
  • 2012 Pan American Silver Medalist – Kata
  • 2014 Pan American Bronze Medalist – Team Kata
  • 2014 North American Cup Bronze Medalist – Kumite
  • 2014 North American Cup Silver Medalist – Kata
  • 2014 US Team Member at the WKF World Championships
  • 2015 US Open Silver Medalist – Kata
  • 2015 US Open Gold Medalist – Team Kata
  • 2016 US Open Gold Medalist – Team Kata
  • 2016 US Open Silver Medalist – Kumite
  • 2017 US Open Bronze Medalist – Kata
  • Multiple-time National Champion
  • WKF Ranked athlete
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